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End of Financial Year party

EOFY parties at Holey Moley

You can smell the tuna sandwiches from a mile away... Janice from Accounts has had too many wines, and you're pretty sure John Farnham is on repeat. It's your classic End of Financial Year Party. Have no fear though, because Holey Moley is here and your next EOFY Party just got a hell of a lot more fun, so while you work hard, you can putt harder - a HOLE LOT harder in 2023.

Why should you celebrate EOFY?

At Holey Moley Golf Club, we know how important it is for businesses to mark the end of the financial year. It's a time to take stock of the year that's been, celebrate your team's hard work, and get everyone excited for the year ahead. That's why hosting an epic end-of-financial-year party is the perfect way to mark this important occasion.

There are so many reasons throwing a party for your team is important. Firstly, it shows your team that you appreciate all their hard work and dedication throughout the year. Secondly, it's a great way to build team morale and create a positive atmosphere for the year ahead. And let's face it, who doesn't love an excuse to let loose and have some fun with their colleagues?

Whatever sort of soiree you're booking, we have function packages to take care of every budget. And if you want to make it extra special with some of our signature cocktails or party inclusions, we can help with that too. So, what are you waiting for? Get planning and make this EOFY party one to remember!

Adult Party Packages

While the below are good indicators of what's on offer, we recommend our QLD friends enquire now for party package add on info!

To Beverage Package or not to beverage package? That is the question.

What are the options?

When it comes to work parties, there is always the question of drinks. Specifically, should you have a beverage package? Or should you organise a cash bar? There are pros and cons to both options. On the one hand, a cash bar can be more economical for the company (since they are not paying for everyone's drinks), and people can order whatever they like. On the other hand, a beverage package can be more inclusive and make employees feel looked after by their boss.

Consider the crowd

So, what is the best option? It depends on the type of party and the budget. If it is a small, informal gathering, then a cash bar may be fine. However, if it is a large or formal event, then a beverage package may be more appropriate. Ultimately, it is up to the company to decide what is best for their budget and their employees.

Holey Moley Offers

At Holey Moley we have the option of standard drink cards or beverage packages. Standard drink cards allow each guest to get one free alcoholic beverage from the bar (basic spirits, house wine, house beer, cider or soft drinks). After the card has been used, the guest will need to pay for every drink after that. Whereas a beverage package will allow your guests free access to all house wines, beers, ciders and soft drinks for a pre-determined amount of time.


What time should I get there for my event?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your start time so you have time to get teams organised and grab a drink before your game.

What does the drinks package include?

House tap beer, domestic bottled beer, house wine, cider, soft drink, mineral water and juice.

How many guests do I need to book a function?

We have a minimum of 10 guests for all function packages.

Can I pay after the event?

We do require a 50% deposit on booking and the final payment 4 business days prior to your event.

How many drinks does "unlimited" mean?

Two drinks per person, per bar visit in the first hour and one drink per person, per bar visit in the second hour.

What if the packages don't suit me?

Don't worry, you can customise a package tailored to your groups needs online!

Otherwise you can give our functions team a call on:

NSW +61 2 7202 7798

QLD +61 7 3497 3509

SA +61 8 7160 3699

VIC +61 3 7003 8901

WA +61 8 6385 2539

How does the golf work? Do we play in teams?

Yes definitely! We find playing together in teams is so much more fun, so we will pop you into teams of about 4 before playing.

I don't have guests confirmed! What can I do?

Book based on your maximum possible guests. This will ensure that we have space for everyone!
Please pay the deposit amount and our functions team will get in touch with you to finalise your booking, confirm guests and make final payment 7 business day prior to the event.

Can I get a refund for no shows?

Unfortunately we don't offer refunds but we can give you some free passes to come and enjoy Holey Moley another time!

Can I postpone an event?

Absolutely! We just need a minimum of 7 business days notice.

What if I'm on a budget?

Don't worry, you can tailor a package to suit your budget online

Otherwise you can give our functions team a call on:

NSW +61 2 7202 7798

QLD +61 7 3497 3509

SA +61 8 7160 3699

VIC +61 3 7003 8901

WA +61 8 6385 2539

Can I do a deposit payment?

Yes! Our payment screen defaults to a 50% deposit payment for your function.
The final payment must be made 4 business days prior to your party. Someone from our functions team will be in touch to finalise your booking and make final payment.

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