Accessibility at Holey Moley

Inclusiveness for all abilities

Inclusiveness is woven into everything we do at Funlab because fun is for everyone.

We are dedicated to ensuring our Holey Moley venues are accessible for people of all abilities and backgrounds. Importantly, we are always finding ways to improve our accessibility features. 

Accessibility Features

Holey Moley accepts Companion Cards and offers free mini golf for carers. Important to note, our mini golf courses are not entirely wheelchair friendly due to being on risers and having some staircases. However, to help make the venue more accessible, we offer all-day every-day discounted mini golf to all people with a disability. Contact our wonderful concierge team to organise your discounted visit today.

Call our friendly concierge team for bookings/more information:

Holey Moley NSW

+61 2 7202 7798

Holey Moley QLD

+61 7 3497 3509

Holey Moley SA

+61 8 7160 3699

Holey Moley VIC

+61 3 7003 8901

Holey Moley WA

+61 8 6385 2539

Sensory Assistance

At Holey Moley, we understand the feeling of overwhelm that can come with sensory sensitivities. Some of our venues are able to cater to sensory difficulties by turning down music and lights – creating a calmer environment when you need it. We recommend calling ahead to ask about the venue's specific abilities to create a more relaxed environment.

We’re putting in maximum effort to complete sensory maps for all of our venues by the end of 2023. As each venue’s map is complete, we will upload them below so that the info you need is just a click of a button away.

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