It's VIP Putt Putt

Golf Class

Upgrade to Golf Class

Upgrade your mini golf to Golf Class and we'll tee off the VIP treatment from the moment you stroll in.

Choose from 1 of 3 tantalising cocktails from the bar plus a snack on arrival, and slap on your exclusive Golf Class visor and enamel pin. Pose for your polaroid from our putt putt paparazzi and take home the memory of the time you were Holey Moley royal-tee.

What's Included?

Get the following with a $35 Golf Class Upgrade:

How to Book Golf Class

**Golf Class is a $35 Upgrade to your regular mini golf purchase** *Ditch the boring date ideas or night out, upgrade to Golf Class and add a little strut to your putt putt.*


Can I swap inclusions out for something else?

Unfortunately, we're unable to make alterations to the Golf Class package inclusions

What drinks are included in the upgrade?

Straight down to business hey? You can choose from one of the following cocktails: Southern Peach, New Orleans Sour or Southside Fizz.

Unfortunately, you cannot swap these out for non-Golf Class drinks on our full menu, but you may choose a non-alcoholic drink if you like. We are unable to offer a discount to Golf Class for non-alcoholic drinks.

I need those visors and pins! Can I buy one without upgrading to Golf Class?

We like your enthusiasm! But as these are part of an exclusive upgrade, we can't separate the merch.

Which pin will I get?

Up to you! Pick whichever pin takes your fancy - Subject to availability in venue.

How much is Golf Class?

Golf Class is a $35 add-on in addition to regular mini golf bookings. As such, mini golf is not included in the package.

How do I book?

Just book mini golf as normal and add Golf Class at the 'Customise Your Booking' screen. This will be the next screen after you review your booking.

Does everyone in my group need to book Golf Class?

Nope! As long as you've booked enough rounds of mini golf for everyone, you can book as many Golf Class packages as you want - Just beware of FOMO!

Is mini golf included?

No, mini golf is not included. You'll need to add Golf Class as an extra at the 'Customise Your Booking' Screen when you're booking your nmini golf.

Is this a lesson?

No, but with the VIP treatment you'll be getting, people will think you're a pro!

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