Holey Moley Radvent Calendar

Win a Holey Moley Christmas Gift by getting the price right!

O Holey Night! Ditch the half-melted chocolate advent calendar, ‘cos we’ve got something so much sweeter.

In the lead up to Christmas, we’re giving away 8 presents. The kinda stuff that the big man in the red suit would have trouble getting his hands on.

Each week, for 8 weeks, 1 lucky punter will be sent a present from yours truly.

We’ve got a sweet selection of 80’s, 90’s and 00’s nostalgia, coming right at ya!

Here’s the drill...

To enter, tag a mate and guess the value of that present (to the nearest cent) in the comments section of our Facebook post - it’s that easy!

We’ll be posting at 9am every Monday for 8 weeks. The first person who gets closest to the amount within 24hrs… WINS!

Winner will be notified via Facebook private message by the following Friday (the same week the post has gone live) and announced on the post.

Prizes are worth somewhere between $0 - $600.

Go on, starting guessing and have yourself a mini little Christmas...

Terms & Conditions:

This is a game of skill. The person to comment with correct price to the nearest cent within 24hrs of the post going live, will be selected as the winner(s) based on the price the Holey Moley marketing team purchased the item for. You are required to tag a friend and guess the dollar amount in the comments section of our Facebook competition post. Entry is open to residents of Australia only. You are only allowed to enter once. Final competition closes midnight AEST Wednesday 19 December 2018. View full terms & conditions here.